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62, rue de l’Aurore • Dageraadstraat 
1000 Brussels

diito dansaert

19, rue des Chartreux • Kartuizersstraat 
1000 Brussels


A display of Diito’s current favorites as well as the latest news.
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  • Snoopy

    By Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
    for FLOS

  • Sferico

    By Joe Calombo
    for Karakter

  • The Spanish Chair

    By Børge Mogensen
    for Fredericia

  • Storet

    by Nanda Vigo
    for Acerbis

  • Pacha Lounge Chair

    By Pierre Paulin
    for GUBI

  • Transience Mirror Circle

    By Lex Pott and David Derksen
    for Transnatural

  • Gato

    By Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
    for FLOS

  • Extrasoft

    By Piero Lissoni
    for Living Divani

  • Eccentrico

    By Angelo Mangiarotti
    for Agape Casa

  • CH25 | Lounge Chair

    By Hans J. Wegner
    for Carl Hansen

  • Model 537

    By Gino Sarfatti
    for Astep

  • PP225

    By Hans J. Wegner
    for PP Mobler

  • Sofa 370

    By Pierre Augustin Rose

  • Trestles

    By Jules Wabbes
    for General Decoration

  • FK87 Grasshopper

    By Fabricius & Kastholm
    for Lange Production

  • Free System Sofa

    By Claudio Salocchi
    for Acerbis

  • Diz Armchair

    By Sergio Rodrigues
    for LinBrasil